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Piggy Bankers

Piggy Bankers

Piggy Bankers


Introducing Piggy Bankers: Pragmatic Play: The Most Swinetastic Pokie Adventure!


Prepare to enter a world where piggies reign supreme and banks are far from boring! Meet the dynamic duo of Piggy Bankers, the mischievous male and female bankers who are ready to take you on a wild ride through their piggy-filled realm. These whimsical characters serve as the Wilds in this thrilling pokie game, and when they meet on the reels, get ready for an epic bonus round that will have you squealing with excitement!


Step into the bank-themed wonderland and marvel at the cleverly crafted symbols that adorn the reels. Alongside the classic piggy banks, you’ll discover a unique blend of character symbols, including none other than our stylish bankers themselves, puffing on cigars as they oversee the money-making madness. But hold your horses, or rather, your banknotes! There’s something special about those crispy bills on the top reel, and we’re about to spill the beans on their magical powers!


Piggy Bankers is a 5-reel, 4-row pokie extravaganza, featuring 20 paylines that will have you oinking in delight with each winning combination. And speaking of winning, get ready to snort with joy, because the top prize in this game is a whopping 10,000 times your bet! With an impressive RTP of 96.05%, your chances of fattening up your own piggy bank are looking mighty fine.


So, saddle up and join the Piggy Bankers on their high-stakes adventure, where laughter, thrills, and big wins are waiting around every corner. Don’t miss out on the chance to make a fortune in this pig-tacular pokie sensation! Start spinning those reels and watch your dreams of hogging the limelight become a reality. Remember, in the world of Piggy Bankers, even the smallest change can lead to the grandest fortunes!

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