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Vampire Riches DoubleMax

Vampire Riches DoubleMax

Vampire Riches DoubleMax


Welcome to the thrilling world of Vampire Riches DoubleMax by Yggdrasil! Prepare to be captivated by the darkness as vampiric clans converge in the heart of New York City on a mesmerizing Blood Moon night.


In this immersive adventure, you’ll descend into the enigmatic underworld, where the fang-tastic DoubleMax multipliers await, poised to skyrocket your wins as you embark on a relentless hunt through the city’s depths. Watch in awe as symbols materialize and reappear, paving the way for even bloodier victories.


For those daring enough, the pursuit of Free Spins can be accelerated through the Golden Bet, allowing you to revel in the exhilarating hours of the night, where the DoubleMax multiplier knows no bounds, ascending to infinity.


Do you possess the tenacity to ascend the ranks of the Vampire hierarchy? With a commendable 96% RTP, sky-high volatility, and the potential for a jaw-dropping 25,000x your bet as the ultimate reward, the stakes are higher than ever.


Vampire Riches DoubleMax boasts an array of captivating features, including the DoubleMax Feature, Drop Down Wins, Free Spins, Golden Bet, and the option to Buy a Bonus, making it a true sensation in the world of online gaming.


Get ready to embrace the shadows, master the DoubleMax multipliers, and prove your mettle in the eerie and thrilling realm of Vampire Riches DoubleMax. Will you emerge as the ultimate vampire elite? Your destiny awaits!

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